Metal Finishing Services

Wheel Reconditioning

Our company’s wheel reconditioning services are designed to restore wheels to a like new condition, accounting for both functionality and appearance.  We use proven processes and high-quality materials, guaranteeing every wheel will not only look new and will meet safety and performance standards. 

Our steel rim process includes thorough heat cleaning, surface preparation, a coat of primer and a topcoat that resists daily wear and tear. This service is ideal for both personal and commercial vehicles, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence and extending the life of your wheels.  

Our automated aluminum wheel process consistently delivers a highly pleasing finish.  We can restore aluminum truck wheels to a “like new” condition at far less cost than replacement.  

These convenient services help maintain your fleet wheels in a cost-effective manner.

Our Machinery

By integrating the advanced VIS-Polish machine into our wheel reconditioning service, we significantly enhance both speed and efficiency. This cutting-edge technology streamlines the polishing and refurbishment process, delivering superior quality finishes in less time. Ideal for both private and commercial vehicles, our use of VIS-Polish ensures a faster, more efficient path to beautifully restored wheels.