Metal Finishing Services

Metal Preparation

Superior results begin with a great plan. Preparing a magnesium diecasting for coating is not the same as a steel enclosure, and neither of those processes are the same for most under hood or chassis components.   Being a job shop means you must be ready for almost anything, and after 30 years in business, we’ve have experienced a lot, and know what works.

Our Process

In our metal preparation process, we incorporate a cutting-edge 4-stage washing system, meticulously designed to provide the highest quality results. This comprehensive approach begins with a degreasing stage, effectively removing oils and contaminants. Next, a rinse stage ensures thorough cleansing. The third stage involves a phosphate coating, crucial for enhancing paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Finally, a sealing rinse provides additional protection. This 4-stage washing process is integral to our commitment to delivering impeccably prepared metals, ensuring optimal outcomes for every project we undertake.